S[eymour] A[venel] E[uroa] V[iolet Town]
B[enalla] G[lenrowan] N[agambie] L[ongwood]

Restaurants -AEBN & Ruffy;

Wineries - AN & Terip Terip;

Museums - EB[Ned Kelly, Weary Dunlop];

Municipal Lakeside Art Gallery - B,

Saturday Markets - VN; many pubs for counter meals - V L and Yark

Interesting ethnic shop Euroa

Antiques & coffee shop - Avenel

Big 2ndhand bookshop Benalla

Historic buildings [esp. Butter Factory] E

Seymour - Supermarkets only 3 mins off Hume FWY for provisions on the way up. Also 19th C Railway Station & very good well-stocked tourist Info centre

Ned Kelly memorabilia - G See http://www.nedkellysworld.com.au

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Euroa - week-long wool festival October, Various week-end events

Nagambie - water-based, around Easter

Benalla - weekend, Arts/Ned Kelly



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